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Sunday, July 31, 2005

More About Me

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look around inside my head.

First, my interests are varied and they don’t play nice with any given category. Though I am semi-retired, I still enjoy being an Internet consultant; my obsession is studying human nature and sharing what I figure out with others.

Corvettes, computers, psychology, philosophy, religion, advertising, persuasion, seduction, direct marketing, magic tricks, you name it; chances are I’m captivated by the human construct of it.

In not so many words, I’m “addicted to your behaviors” and love few things more than exploring what makes you “tick”. Therefore, I’m as likely to write about dating and seduction as I am about health and disappointment.

While some of the topics I explore may appear unrelated, they’re not. Lessons in human nature can be found anywhere when one begins to look for them... I’m always looking for them.

Second, I have no “official” credentials to discuss or write about any of these subjects. I’m not a mental health professional, philosopher or trainer of any kind. However, friends have called me preacher, teacher, priest, doctor, and other names but mostly friend.

Whatever I have learned in regards to these subjects I have learned on my own through self-directed study and first-hand experience. And a very active credit card with Amazon, Borders, Barnes & Nobles.

If anything, I consider myself a starving apprentice when it comes to this kind of material. I have been obsessed with it since I was 9 years old when I discovered the Watcher in a very old Fantastic Four comic yet I make no claims to having discovered “the eventual truth” of anything.

Third, my thoughts can be thorny to handle for some people. With few exceptions, I set out to write stuff designed to make you “feel better” about yourself. I try to write essays that are revealing, thought-provoking and sadly honest, sometimes in a dishonest way. My articles tend to lean towards the self improvement side of the cranium.

Other than that, I have no fixed agenda I’m trying to promote. Unless of course I’m trying to promote a product I think you should buy.

And finally, and perhaps a bit ironic, even though I’m fascinated with human behavior I'am not much of a people-person. With the exception of a small group of friends and family, I typically prefer to keep to myself and my compositions as opposed to spending my time with “social responsibilities”.

So, while I welcome you to contact me, if at times I’m not the easiest person to communicate with, don’t take it personally.

With that, I hope you find something here to interest you.